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BCARA social time and public education about amateur radio is coming up on Sept.12 during the Darrtown, Ohio Fall Festival

After targeting on a major aspect of amateur radio by doing some hardcore contesting for the Ohio QSO Party, it's time to look at sharing amateur radio with the public on Saturday, September 12.  

We'll be operating a casual special event station for the festival.  This will allow a lot of time to socialize and will give us a great opportunity to talk with many members of our community about amateur radio.

Be sure to sign up to participate today!



The Ohio QSO Party objective (as defined by the sponsor) is for Amateurs inside the state of Ohio to "make contact with as many Amateurs as possible both inside and outside of Ohio"

and we sure tried our best to do that!  BCARA made a great showing with a raw club total of over 129,700 pts by making over 1000 QSO's!  Look for more details at the September meeting.





System Fusion Repeater is on the Air!

BCARA powered up the new146.700 MHz Yaesu System Fusion repeater on 7/25/15.

This terrific technology allows those that want to enjoy all the benefits of a digitial mode while maintaining analog capabilities.  No need to buy a new technology radio to use the same repeater, unlike DSTAR and DMR systems.

If you don't hear anything on your FM radio, but see the signal strength meter active, then there is probably a digital mode QSO in progress.  No problem!  Watch for the repeater to drop out and just ID and join the conversation.  The repeater and the tranceivers in the QSO will instantly change to FM.  



 It is still not too late to come and join in on the fun at W4DXCC located nearby in Pigeon Forge, TN. For 2/3rds of the U.S. it is less than a days drive. Bring your ham friends and drive on over. There are only three big DX conventions in the USA, but none of them are in the Southeast except W4DXCC.

The Bootcamp Drill Sargent's are made up of experienced hams who will teach the class in the ways of Amateur Radio. They start from the basics and show how to setup an amateur radio station step by step. Antennas are important to any HF station so antennas will be built, tested and erected. The class will learn what frequency bands are and how they should use the bands and modes on those bands. The class will also learn how to use the radio to make contacts using the antenna they built. After each contact we show how the QSO is to be logged. Then everyone learns what DX is and how the call signs from other countries differ from those of North American.

After lunch the class learns about Contesting and how to enter a contest. Contesting is fun and teaches the amateur radio operator skills while being competitive using the radio. The class will learn what a DXpedition is and how to make contacts with a DXpedition. We explain what a DX station is and how to tune for them and make contacts with a DX station. Once the contacts are made everyone learns how to confirm those contacts. Sending and receiving paper QSL cards completes the process.

As you can see the Ham Radio Bootcamp Elmering session is a must see for New and Experienced hams alike. Everyone is sure to learn the proper way to use and enjoy their HF radios. If you know a new ham who you think is needing this kind of session, please forward them this email and encourage them to attend W4DXCC.

Make your reservations today, do not miss out on all of the fun. Bring the family for a weekend getaway. Shopping for Mom, amusement parks for the kids and a DX and Contest convention for you. There is something for everyone in Pigeon Forge, TN

I will see you at the W4DXCC Convention!

Click - W4DXCC.COM

Dave Anderson, K4SV 
Team Leader, W4DXCC 
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



 BCARA -official emergency communications partner with the 

Butler County Health Department

  Please come and join us, even if you are not yet...an Amateur Radio Operator, You are welcome to our events and meetings.  Our group is fun, helpful and we enjoy fellowship with each other. Our monthly meetings usually include education topics or presentations. If you need assistance getting licensed, BCARA has many members and resources to help you get there. Please visit us soon. 73

 BCARA email reflector.  To sign-up or make changes to your account click here: http://mailman.qth.net/mailman/listinfo/bcara



BCARA meetings are the 2nd Monday each month at 7pm.

Fairfield Township Administration Bldg. 6032 Morris Rd. Hamilton,OH 45011
This is located on the corner of Morris Rd and Millikin Rd.  Near Butler Tech.  Wheelchair accessible.
 Please join us on our new, high profile, repeater! Serving the entire Tri-State area @ 146.700(-) PL 123 Please check into our weekly Net: Tuesday's on 146.700(-)  PL 123.0 at 7:00pm
HF Round Table Friday's on 10 Meters 28.410 (+ or -) QRM at 9:00pm

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